Our history

Our jewelry Miloe was established in 2018, represented by a little dog corgi, who is our mascot, young and vivifying.

Its name is inspired by a classic masculine Greek name : Milos, which means elegant, brave, original and always full of happiness. We’ve changed the last letter “s” for “e”, in order to make it more suitable to female features. In French, generally, the nouns finishing with “e” are bound to femininity. Milos is also a beautiful island in Greece.

It is precisely because of its affectionate, close and intelligent character that Corgi is becoming more and more popular among people of all ages including the queen of Elisabeth II in England, who has a Corgi as her company for many years. Just like our designer, who herself is also accompanied by a little Corgi that she loves very much, has grabbed this trend and has added it into a large collection of jewels so as to satisfy anyone who is fan of fashion.

Simple and adorable, Miloe is a catchy name that everyone can remember easily. As a brand’s name, Miloe represents youth, passion and vivid personality. Like Corgi who is always curious and active to search new adventures, our company is ceaselessly in search of the best. Our aim is to propose to our customers the jewelry that makes them young,unique and remarkable in a accessible price, while communicating to them a loving and a sweet sensation in order to immerse them in a positive attitude of life.

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